2010 enamel industry benign development


2010 is the enamel industry stable development of riding quality is better year, export growth reached record levels, domestic demand further warming, the product structure more rich, industry in the benign development phase.
1, the adjustment of product structure and market demand
Enamel barbecue products in recent years the development of faster product, in2008through the international financial crisis, exports in 2010amounted to 1338000000 U.S. dollars, the export market to improve the development of.
Cast iron cookware class of enamel products, due to the shape, function, quality adjusted and upgraded, as Europe and the United States in recent years popular product, its price is higher than the same type of steel enamel products.
Steel Enamel daily products industry is the traditional export products, the export base, product modeling, color is more rich, quality, quality improve, function and features more prominent. Due to its unique quality and function, enamel products are gradually returned to the domestic common people family daily life, especially in some high-quality enamel kitchen products, by the city of high-end consumer groups welcome, the domestic market demand potential is very great, is valued.
Enamel appliance supporting product development rapid, potential is tremendous. In addition to the enamel inner container of electric water heaters, electric ovens, microwave ovens and other more began using enamel products matching. Many solar water heater production companies have started to use the enamel inner container technology.
Industrial enamel glass lining reactor develops very quickly in recent years, due to the characteristics of glass lining reactor, specifications and varieties, function development, more and more pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries welcome, in 2010 the output value increase of about 50%. Export markets are gradually expanding.
Power plant desulfurization, denitration device of enamel heat transfer element market demand is smooth, the production enterprises in production through technical reformation of equipment, automation rate rises greatly, increase output, improve quality. With the product variety and function of development, strengthen the market.
The environmental protection industry of equipment of sewage treatment and biogas storage tank is being increasingly used in ceramic products, the two years in the market development and application the respect obtained very good effect and economic effect.
2, fields and production expansion
In recent years, enamel industry concentrated production regional distribution in the following cities: Guangdong ( barbecue pits, matching appliances category), Zhejiang ( daily steel enamel, barbecue stove ), Shandong ( enamel ), Tianjin ( cast iron ), this distribution in 2010had new change. In 2010 the cast iron enamel products production in the Hebei area ( Xingtai) development is very rapid, the region using traditional casting cast iron enamel products advantages, combined with rapid development of export market, a new force suddenly rises., forming the enamel cast iron products manufacturing enterprises are relatively concentrated areas.
In 2010 the building decorated with enamel steel production enterprises developed rapidly, mainly concentrated in the Zhejiang area, the area of private capital of strong, flexible mechanism, rapid action, a year short time, appeared around 6building decorative enamel steel production enterprises.
In addition, industrial enamel development, solar water heater with enamel inner container technology, environmental protection, household appliances, hardware and other industries began to more involved in ceramic industry, ceramic industry from the previous single production of enamel products daily" industry " begin to enamel material, enamel, enamel products matching products such as the production of "big industry " change, along with enamel technology application expansion, production areas are constantly changing and expanding. In 2010, riding quality of economy of industry has achieved very good results.
Enter 2011, most of the enterprises of the production situation and market more optimistic, domestic market demand further good. But also to remind the business,2011will be affected by many factors, such as raw material prices, the appreciation of the renminbi, export tax rebate rate adjustment, rising labor costs, electricity is difficult and is difficult to hire etc.. Hope that the enterprises to save, and actively respond to various unfavorable factors, obtain better economic benefits.