Jiangsu Yang Yang launched YY85series of direct type silicon furnace and IC grade silicon project


Yang Yang company is the Soviet Union in the Taizhou area only the largest of the 8inch high efficiency solar energy level silicon single crystal furnace production enterprises, the photovoltaic technology development today, using silicon single crystal produced by the solar battery, can be directly converting solar energy into light energy, realize the stride of green energy revolution started, now has to foreign solar photovoltaic station the theory of the mature stage, is to the actual application phase transition, solar silicon single crystal is used will be spread to all over the world before 2010, Chinese solar cell in twenty-first Century as the most potential energy, has great room for development, in line with the national industrial policy, making silicon photovoltaic industry has high social value and development potential. This project conforms to the national"2009" on the " five guide, electronic foundation - 8 inches high efficiency solar energy level silicon single crystal furnace" support range
Problem: at present our country is in silicon single crystal equipment industry lack of the ability of independent innovation, independent intellectual property rights; professional and technical personnel and technical strength is insufficient; most of the equipment manufacturers to research and innovation ability is poor, less original technology, surveying and mapping of imitating, in the original technology on the basis of wandering, technical progress is slow, not on the level of equipment, in the a certain extent slow down the rapid development of the industry.
Project content: (1) the electric control part adopts a realization of the equipment from the vacuum heating - seeding - placed shoulder shoulder turn - diameter - closing crystal stick drawing the entire process automatic monitoring, the focus of the development of PLC digital PID temperature, diameter and pulling speed control program. (2) seed rotation lifting device. (3) the furnace tube and the furnace body opening and closing device. (4) the crucible rotation lifting device. Other domestic single crystal furnace are generally in the first half of the year is damaged, replacement bearings and other related components. (5) neck extension type seed rope limit device. (6) test using absolute encoder for detecting seed position.
8 inch high efficiency solar energy level silicon single crystal furnace after careful scientific design, strict and meticulous processing and installation of debugging, various technical indicators have reached the design requirements. First in the overall form, each part of the layout and operation and other aspects of optimization design, followed by the previous single crystal furnace in the presence of some structure unreasonable place was improved, the electrical machinery and stable and reliable performance, stable operation, the main performance indicators have reached the international level of similar single crystal furnace, domestic silicon single crystal device advanced level.
The project according to the design requirements of a total power consumption of energy of 10000000 KVA, annual consumption of600 tons of tap water circulation use, from the point of energy saving lighting, full use of energy-saving lamps, energy-saving motor selection marker state machinery and equipment, to save energy as much as possible.
The project is green environmental protection product, no emissions, the production process does not produce pollution, solid waste, recyclable use stainless steel scrap.
The project is put into production, to develop new sources of energy, and is favorable to environmental protection, to achieve the energy saving effect, annual production value of up to 780000000yuan, net profit of 30000000yuan of above, the investment recovery period of nearly 3years, five years after the investment return rate of 45%.